Announcing our collaboration with Frank Ape

Unbuilt Labs is excited to announce our new, special edition collaboration with Brandon Sines, the artist behind New York’s magical friend and icon, Frank Ape. The New York-based artist has partnered with us to create a series of Frank Ape T-shirts to support our efforts in sustainability research. We included a picture from Brandon’s interview with the photographer Chris MacArthur to show you Frank Ape in action!

Shortly after moving to New York in 2011, Brandon created Frank Ape to spread messages of positivity, inclusivity, and equality. In 2018, Brandon unveiled a large mural of Frank near the Oculus and One World Trade Center that offers the message “everyone’s different and everyone’s the same,” in one of the largest public art projects in the city. This mural along with Brandon’s other Frank Ape pieces throughout New York and the world conveys Frank’s central message of unity and connectedness of not only the New York Community but also the global community, the global ecosystem. Frank Ape is a part of New York meant to brighten everyone’s day and bring people together. Frank also made an appearance at the Guggenheim Museum as part of a collaboration for its 60th anniversary.


Frank is a mystical creature who is at once everyone and everything. Frank inspires people through play and creativity to act thoughtfully. A fixture in the world of New York street art, Frank appears in many colors and settings but always with the same intention of helping those in need.


Unbuilt Labs is dedicated to finding solutions to sustainability issues across industries, and Frank Ape is the perfect pop culture character to help us spread the word. Frank is a creature that cares about all things and people, so their interest in sustainability and the health of our planet should come as no shock. Now, Frank is teaming up with Unbuilt Labs to talk about the importance of sustainability because the climate affects us all.